Hank Kalleen

Audio Mixer

About me

I'm an audio mixer and producer.

My expertise is primarily within the genres of Pop, EDM, & Alternative where I have had the honor of working with some of the industry's top artists on labels such as:

  • Columbia Records
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Island Records
  • Big Beat Records
  • Mou5trap
  • Dim Mak
  • Revealed Recordings

I believe audio mixing to be similar to a gallery's placement & lighting of a painting but instead for a song that will be heard across the planet.

This critical step is a way of packaging & transporting the fundamental essence of the music so it can radiate from every type of speaker .

I strive for the unity of technical precision & creative intriuge to deliver music that will stand out in todays competitive industry and stay relevant for years to come.

Hank Kalleen


"Hank's understanding of production trends is impeccable.
If you play him a sound you want, he will get it for you.
If you want something fresh and original he can do that too."

- TC Spitfire (Assistant Producer and Writer, Paul Oakenfold)

Keep in touch

Hank Kalleen

707 293 3536